InfoTech HUB is a Technology, BPO & Internet service provider established in India since 2008.
We are available in UP East & West circles as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). As for Technology Consultation & Development, Infotech HUB serves its global clientele and is registered as Mainland Technology Company in The United Kingdom and Dubai, UAE.
At ITH, we design, deploy and market the most innovative solutions using the latest yet stable technologies. Cost effectiveness and robust performance is the spine of our vision. This reduces recurring expenses and brings stable profits margins with eventual growth of the entire business in the long run.
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Broadband & Internet

Explore the possibilities of hurdle free data and get a next generation experience at nominal Prices

Technology Consulting

Converging technologies and resource management to empower your organisation.


Our call center management provides excellent, seamless customer experiences across channels.

We Conceive Wisdom

Infotech hub commenced operating early in the year 2008, with some prudent minds and matured professionals from their respective fields. It is a concoction of young ideas with sophisticated heads that lead our Telecommunications, Technology Consulting and Call Center Management.

If you ask to express infotech hub in a single line, we’d assert,

However this explanation is a very limited phrase against the services we master. At infotech hub, we commit our time and resources to make your experience more cherished and gratifying.

“Converging technologies and resource management to empower your organization”
Pleasent experiences of our clients inspire us to keep improving and growing. We don't believe in making bogus promises or erroneous obligations

Our Motto is

Providing the most suitable strategies and value added services to our clients.

Our Technologies

Our floor is equipped with latest technological solutions, the salient features are as mentioned below
technology platform that delivers on the promise of enabling our business, utility, and grid operator customers.Technology is at the heart of our business. Whether we're pushing the limits of existing technology

TFT 16’ inches

on every workstation


Workstations – Vectra by Hewlett Packard

with Pentium processors and special keyboards...


IT & Networking

Cisco 3400 series layer 3 switch based architecture for optimum


30 KV Generator for

Uninterrupted power backup.


50 Workstations

Ready to use and Expandable to 200


Premises based

Predictive dialer


IP Phones and Soft phones

for down time reduction


On the Job Technical manager

ready to initiate for system maintenance and trouble shooting


Our Lease Line Packages

Our dedicated lease lines provide reliable and consistent internet connectivity as per the needs of any business, big or small, to run their day to day operations. We provide Cost-competitive, high quality leased line service with outstanding reliable connectivity.

3 Megabits Per Second
Dedicated Circuit

Contention Ratio 1:1
Contention Ratio 1:2

4 Megabits Per Second
Dedicated Circuit

Contention Ratio 1:1
Contention Ratio 1:2

5 Megabits Per Second
Dedicated Circuit

Contention Ratio 1:1
Contention Ratio 1:2

10 Megabits Per Second
Dedicated Circuit

Contention Ratio 1:1
Contention Ratio 1:2

20 Megabits Per Second
Dedicated Circuit

Contention Ratio 1:1
Contention Ratio 1:2

50 Megabits Per Second
Dedicated Circuit

Contention Ratio 1:1
Contention Ratio 1:2

Broadband & Internet Connections Latest Plan

Unlimited Access Plans

Choose the connection speed to access unlimited data throughout the month. Forget those unexpected heavy bills due to accseeive usage as this plan covers everything. So choose the best plan according to your needs and explore endless data.
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ITH Specials (Data Plans)

Want to download/upload at the blink on an eye? ITH Brings you up to 10 Mb/s access speed where you can get the best internet experience. So just pay for the usage and explore the pace.
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Other Plans

These plans are customized as per the needs of the customer. We offer various discounts and deductions at various time periods.

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What Our Clients Say

ITH has a great communication style and great follow-up. ITH is the level of quality partner that I needed. They’re all about business. It’s all about clients being happy.

-Vivek Agarwal

Fast, focused, and responsive. We asked for targeted leads and they produced them for us.

-Raghvendra Tripathi

Our Clients

We Serve Our Clients With

Excellent customer service that includes telephonic, web based and chat service. Unlike others, our support desk is easily reachable and you’ll get instant support and solution. With lower base operating costs, we believe in maximizing customer value.

Write us at [email protected] for any query.
Give us a call at - +91 9369022888
Our executive is easily available to you. Chat with our executive and get instant solutions.