ITH Technologies

Headquartered in Kanpur, India, ITH Technologies is a rapidly growing institution that ventures into Business Strategy and Technology Consulting for Large-Scale Enterprises. In 2008, InfoTech Hub Internet & Technology Services was founded as proprietorship firm providing BPO and Telecom data centre management services.


Since then we have diversified into different technologies and businesses. Through continual acquisitions, we have established a global presence. We have a presence in India, Singapore, UAE, UK and USA.

We are rapidly expanding into technology and IP development for Blockchain and Robotics.


Consistency and economic thriving is a prerequisite to groundbreaking innovation, expediting the effectiveness of our inner entrepreneurs in an environment of increasing business uncertainty and complexity. ITH that started as a telecom consulting venture paved its roots deep inside the prevailing and upcoming technologies.

Professionals at ITH long for a better strategic approach pertaining to science, business, technology, finance, economics and more. ITH not only deploys insights on various subjects but also lends skilled and dextrous minds to create new business opportunities.


Dissolving barriers pertaining to technology, economics, and business has led ITH to be one of the most innovative organizations in the game. Our Innovative perspective and unmatched solutions in various fields have indeed won the trust and heart of thousands of our customers and clientele.

After providing our striking efforts in the telecom consulting and internet services we determinatively entered the Blockchain and Robotics domain to realize new business and growth opportunities.

Our Associate Companies