Artificial intelligence implies the use
of a computer to model intelligent behavior with minimal human intervention.

AI is all about machine dominance over puny humans and the sheer intelligence a machine can reach is beyond our comprehension. But AI is not so dark as it is believed to be, we at ITH are determined to research in the field and develop some factors that could turn the face of business that we know of. Businesses are now turning to AI to give significant expanse to their work by utilizing the sheer intellect machine learning. ITH strives to come forth in the same by providing cutting-edge services pertaining to AI and machine learning.

AI not just pertain to huge machines and robots but has more implications that could make our lives better once and for all. Several prominent uses cases and applications of AI therefore are :

• Software companies
• Service providers and systems integrators
• End-user organizations
• Industry organizations
• Government agencies
• Investor community
By further enhancing our expertise in the aforementioned fields, ITH plans to be a sturdy contender in AI-driven personalization and operations automation. Advanced AI deployments will be marked by the ability to infuse both user-facing services and interactions with back-end or enterprise process and supply chain optimization; for example, in retail, financial services, energy, and healthcare.

Use cases most often consist of multiple types of AI applied or configured in conjunction with one another and other technologies. Some examples of these combinations include machine learning, computer vision, and sensors; or deep learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Some of the most effective Artificial Intelligence fields lies in

Efficient, Scalable Processing of Patient Data
Predictive Maintenance
Object Identification, Detection, Classification, and Tracking from Geospatial Images
Text Query of Images
Automated Geophysical Feature Detection
Harnessing Artificial general intelligence in machine learning, robotics, big data, neural networks could shift the paradigm of business and technology as a whole.