BCI or Brain Computer Interface contributes
Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) or Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) has applications in diverse fields. Most explored applications for BCI are in the biomedical field, facilitating the life of people having physical impairments to interact and communicate with the environment.

ITH is developing an infrastructure to successfully create advance BCI devices to make lives much comfortable. We are delving into the technology by carrying out a significant research as forhow the brain works and how thoughts are perceived. We prioritize our concern for making BCI available in educational, self-regulation, production, security as well as games and entertainment.

BCI has a vast application expanse as it could be utilized in communication and control as these devices work by reading brain waves of humans based on their emotional or cognitive state. BCI has even more real-time implications and numerous other concepts have emerged for the future.

ITH builds intuitive human machine interfaces through its breakthrough neuro-inspired computing platform. Our innovations at neuro devices, brain waves, and artificial intelligence are poised to transform multiple industries. ITH possesses some great enthusiasts and AI aficionados who deftly delve into the basics of machine learning and create marvels pertaining to thought-controlled devices and wearable tech. Our team is devoted to such practice where the only aim is to develop such efficient devices that could change the paradigm of existing technology by using human thoughts, emotions, and gestures.

Reading brain waves and developing components required for intra-sensory communication is quite a strenuous job to deliver, it is a far more profound and complex process that requires a lot of resources and years of research. We managed to overcome that as well by appointing people who have a passion in this sector. The team is confident enough to take the concept to the next level of existence.

The mind works in a very subtle manner and calculating thoughts is a feat that is not yet achieved. In order to develop such wearable devices, we have to understand what exactly happens in the mind, for instance, accurate reading of brain waves is the most important factor that has to give a grave concern. We have successfully analyzed brain waves in thousands of sessions to fully understand what brain frequency triggers what and thought perception patterns. We have analyzed brain waves to deliver the best possible device to coincide with human thoughts and movements.

The Beta (14-40 Hz)

Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. The beta wave is responsible for the reasoning ability of humans and influences consciousness every time the being is self-aware. Thus, an important wave that needs to understood prior to any further advancements.

The Alpha (7.5-14 Hz)

Alpha waves are known to be the gateway to the subconscious mind and it also heightens human imagination, visualization, memory, learning, and concentration. This is also an important wave necessary to be meticulously monitored for efficient devices.

The Theta 4.7.5 Hz

Known to be the deep sleep wave and acts like a vessel to the subconscious. Accurate data can be monitored and molded into creating efficient devices that could very well solve the problem of impaired communication.