Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

After making an order, how much time ITH will take for the installation and service activation?

A. As soon as we receive your subscription amount, we will deliver the services within 3 days. If the payment is made through cheque, service activation will take 6-10 days for compiling the banking formalities.

Will I get access to internet while travelling or outside home?

A.ITH broadband provides indoor services and will be accessible at the place of your connection. You cannot carry the broadband while travelling or outside.

Will I have to make a payment at the time of making an order?

A. No, you are not required to make any payment at the time of booking.

What is the process of service delivery?

The process of service delivery is-

  • You will visit our website or you will show interest in our product.
  • You will make a service request.
  • Our sales executive will visit you and will detail you the plans and offers. He will also explain and finalize you the best plan as per your need. (FREE SERVICE)
  • We will give you a call and verify your personal details i.e. Name, Address, Email Id, Registered telephone number and tariff plan.
  • As soon as the order is made, you can deposit the subscription amount as per your selection of the plan.
  • You are also required to furnish your personal details on the Customer application form (CAF), provided by our executive. Please mention the appropriate and correct details in the form.
  • You should also produce original documents for verification and submit the photocopy of the same –

    a) Proof of Identity
    b) Proof of address
    c) Passport sized photograph
  • Service installation will be done on the same day i.e. the date of realization of subscription amount. In exceptional cases, service installation may take a maximum of 2-3 days. In case of cheque payment, service installation shall take 4-5 working days from cheque submission date.

What are my system and general requirements for getting a connection?

A.If you have a PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet, it should have the following configurations-

  • Intel P-IV 2 GHz or higher
  • Minimum of 512 MB RAM
  • 2GB Hard disk or more
  • Operating system - windows 2000 or upgraded versions
  • Browser - IE 6.0 & above, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 & above
  • Ethernet LAN Card/ Port (10/100Base T) with TCP/IP support
  • For Wi- Fi enabled devices i.e. Smartphone/tablet, your device should support 802.1X, WPA2

When and how is the subscription amount paid?

You are required to pay the subscription amount on making a booking. As soon as you make a subscription of any plan, you are required to make a payment i.e. “Subscription amount” + “Installation amount” (as per the existing offer).

Payment can be made in various ways-

  • Online payment: Net banking or Credit/Debit Card
  • Cheque
  • Demand Draft
  • Cash deposit at our head office
  • Request a sales executive to collect payment from your place

Are there some charges in excess to installation charges?

A. There are no hidden or extra charges in installation. However you need to pay Rs. 00 per foot/meter if your connection requires cable that is exceeding 50 meters.

Where is the CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) installed?

CPE is installed outside your premises, usually in terrace or balcony. Connectivity to the access point is taken into consideration for providing reliable services.


Q. What is the speed provided by ITH for its service?
A. We have a range of plans and our speeds vary accordingly. We offer speeds from 512 Kb/s up to 10 Mb/s on the selection of the plan.Click here to know about our plans and offers.

Q. What are the different kinds of plans offered by ITH?
A. We offer a wide range of plans. Visit our plans here.

Q. How to decide the best suitable plan?
A.Give a call at our support desk and share your requirements. Our team will suggest you the ideal plan according to your requirements.

Q. How much area does ITH wireless broadband Wi-Fi covers?
A. Lease line home secured Wi-Fi service includes one hotspot instance inside your home. This will cover an area of approx 1000 sq. ft. however for larger homes; additional hot spots are available on request.


Q. Can I change my tariff plan?
A. a) You can change your tariff plan as per the migration rules set by us. For making any changes in the plan, please contact ITH Support or mail us at [email protected]

b) However some points should be considered before making an request for a change in plan-
» The running plan cannot be degraded. You can only make a upgrading request.
» Your request will be processed twice in a year without any charge. Any request made thereafter will be chargeable.

b) However some points should be considered before making an request for a change in plan-
» The running plan cannot be degraded. You can only make a upgrading request.
» Your request will be processed twice in a year without any charge. Any request made thereafter will be chargeable.

Q. Will I get a signal everywhere in my home for wireless connectivity?
a. Yes, you will receive signals throughout by creating a hot spot instance that supports an area approximately 1000 sq.ft.
B. For additional hotspots for larger houses, you need to pay Rs 1500 per instance.
C.You can connect multiple PC/Desktops wirelessly.

Q. Can I shift my connection from one location to the other?
A. Yes, you can shift from one location to another. However, service can be provided if our network is available in the new location. Shifting charges will vary as per the location. You need to provide your new address proof for installation and billing.

Q. How can I change my billing address?
A. In case of change of address, you can update your address by giving a call to our support desk. As the engineer visit your premises for installation, handover the new address proof to him.

Q. How can I check my actual speed?
A. You can check the speed test at

Q. Can I access ITH wireless broadband from different locations or through multiple PCs/ Laptops/ smart devices?
A. Yes, you can connect your multiple devices through ITH Broadband. The service will only cover that area where modem is installed and its radius is limited to 1000 sq. ft.

Q. How many PC/Laptop/Smart devices can be used in a connection?
A. You can connect N-number of devices from a single connection according to your selected plan.