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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Business Internet for Branch Offices

For Business Internet for Branch Offices, turn to ITH for fast, reliable, and secure network connections.

Scalable Broadband solutions for better communications

With speeds 64x faster than T1, Ethernet advancement has given a new dimension to internet productivity. Business Internet provides the bandwidth, reliability, scalability and advanced security that your organization needs. Perfect for your branch offices, franchise locations, retail stores and remote locations, Business Internet can help streamline your information flow – enabling your organization to better connect with employees, customers and suppliers.

Business Internet Features

Fast Speed

To enjoy swift internet speed, get the scalable internet solution from us with downloaded speeds up to 20 MB/s and upload speeds upto 10 MB/s. Enable networked locations to better operate with fast Internet speeds.

IP Address

Support your on-site server or remote workforce. We can assign, install and maintain a static IP address for every workstation in your system, making it easy to locate servers and support them.

Business Support

You will receive priority support from our specialized team of experts trained to handle the needs of businesses having multiple locations. For any queries, questions or assistance, you can call our Account Manager specifically assigned to your account.

Our Company

InfoTech HUB is a Broadband Internet, Data and Technology service provider in India since 2008. As a pioneering operator of Internet services in Kanpur, we have earned customer loyalty by satisfying customers information communication technology needs with customized solutions designed specifically to your requirements.

Our Network

InfoTech Hub’s Radio MAN wireless platform is an advanced point-to-multi-point broadband wireless access solution delivering fibre-optic quality connectivity for high-speed IP data and Internet applications.

The platform’s Carrier Class Services at upstream and downstream rates of up to 300 Mbps per Sector, enables it to address clients’ requirement for high Bandwidth connectivity solutions.

The platform provides last-mile solutions for small, medium and large businesses including multi-dwelling and multi-tenant unit (MDU/MTU) applications and ensures exceptional traffic handling capacity to provide fast, consistent and reliable data, video and voice services to clients. The Radio MAN operates on a dedicated Open Licensed Frequency Band of 5.8 GHz, allotted by TRAI. This High Frequency Band eliminates the chances of interference resulting in severe service disruption that are highly associated with 2.4 GHz Unlicensed radio systems.

The interconnecting backbone between any of our POP (point of Presence) and the main BackHaul node is an Ethernet Platform with multiple redundancies.

Our Main BackHaul is connected to the global internet via fully redundant link.

Client Connectivity

Facial/Pole mount outdoor installation- This is InfoTech HUB’s standard installation for Short Distance (upto 5KM from our POP) connectivity. The radio outdoor Unit is mounted on the facial wall Or a properly fastened Pole of the building in which the service will be used. An Ethernet cable links the radio outdoor unit with the indoor unit.

Tower mount Outdoor installation - This installation would require procurement of a mast/Tower at the Client premises where one does not exist. Client would have to bear full cost of mast/Tower. InfoTech HUB would assist with site survey and other engineering activities in order to advise clients the best mast/tower.

Our Commitment

InfoTech HUB is committed to Providing the most COST EFFECTIVE DEDICATED Internet Connection to your Office

An Internet Service that is fully redundant based on at least 2 international submarine fiber Optics cable systems.

Connectivity to your Office is via the highest quality wireless Radio System based on our Wireless Metropolitan Area Network, MAN

The wireless frequency is High Band (5 Ghz) provisioned Spectrum for use of Infotech HUB, providing an interference free, fiber optics class Quality of Service (QOS)

And we will deliver the standard solution complete to your Office within 72hrs of your signed Contract and realization of Payments.